Our <strong><em>Mission</em></strong>

On 2 Wheels Foundation (O2WF) is an Illinois Non-Profit Corporation formed by motorcycle road racing and track day enthusiasts to raise funds and awareness for mental health initiatives supporting Veterans of our Armed Services.

Serving Those Who <strong><em>Served</em></strong>

Many veterans have grave difficulties adjusting to civilian life; even serving on a base feels unreal after dealing with major combat situations. Combat soldiers may be severely injured, witness the deaths of fellow soldiers and civilians. We want to help with that adjustment.

Our <strong><em>Philosophy</em></strong>

To help improve the quality of life for Veterans with PTSD by getting them involved with motorsports along with support from therapists and the camaraderie of the track family.

Serving those who served

The daily rider meeting before every Sportbike Track Time (STT) track day that Nicholas “Gunshow Nick” Amelio directs includes a command to “remove your covers” and stand for the National Anthem. As important as safety instructions, explanation of race control flags, and track rules is Nick’s recognition of all active and retired members of the United States military in attendance. “These people,” Nick reminds the riders, “wrote a blank check for everything up to and including their life so that we could be here today doing this thing we love.”

Later in the evening, once the track goes cold, Gunshow Nick is happy to sit around his motorhome and expand on his insistence that the men and women of our armed services be recognized at every track day.

Track day riders represent less than 1% of the motorcycling community and I believe it is privilege that we are able to participate in a sport that so few motorcyclists would even try. No matter what our individual beliefs might be, we all can stand on the common ground of this passion and together thank our military veterans who made this experience possible. Track days are more than adrenaline and lap times, we are selling an experience – a moment in time. Every session is 20 minutes of complete focus and connection to the machine and the moment. Through my conversations with armed forces veterans, I have learned that this “moment” is more pronounced due to their military service. I am honored to play a part in providing these “moments” to STT’s customers and, in particular, the men and women who served our country in our armed forces.

In 2017, with the support of Motoworks Chicago and Shinysideuplaw.com, and Sportbike Track Time, we set out to harness the energy of the track day paddock to raise funds and awareness for philanthropic causes. O2WF is the genesis and natural progression from when Gunshow Nick first raised the American flag at riders’ meeting.

With the help of an ever growing list of private and corporate sponsors, O2WF will be raising funds primarily through track day raffles and give-aways. Our goal is to raise at least $10,000 for service providers to Veterans. O2WF is staffed by and handful of dedicated volunteers who have given and pledged their time and resources to make this initiative possible. 100% of the money raised will be directed to service providers of our veterans. We hope others will help us raise more than just the flag over the paddock in 2018.