Redline-Moto was created to help track and street riders alike. We strive to create affordable and high performing components. We make fully digital tire warmers and Panigale undertail exhaust, both were designed with the club level racer and track day rider budgets in mind. Our goal is not to make incredible margins on our products, but instead help and grow the sport of motorcycle riding.

Redline is committed to helping our veterans who sacrificed so much for our freedoms. By donating products and time to the On Two Wheels Foundation, we will give back and help those who deserve our respect and assistance, such as veterans suffering from PTSD and other struggles related to their service.

red-line moto tire warmers

And last, my Dad was a Vietnam vet with un-managed (self-managed) PTSD, albeit undiagnosed. For his generation, help was something that the brave did think to ask. Unfortunately, most of our veterans, of which sacrifice critical years, are shuffled through systems in an effort to mitigate risk and defray costs. By simply bringing awareness to vets that there is a public that is desirous to recognize and reconcile these sacrifices is significant, notwithstanding the offer of help.

– Michael S. Butler

Redline-Moto tirewarmers
Redline-Moto tirewarmers
Redline-Moto tirewarmers

Redline-Moto Race Tirewarmers

  • Fully digital. Fully adjustable. These tire warmers have been optimized for racing and designed to provide the tire with the most consistent heating possible. Our warmers include the following features as standard for one great price and no strings attached.
    • Heats the entire surface of the tire, including the critical side of the contact surface. This is a critical area missed by many brands.
    • Fully digital display with current and set temps displayed.
    • Fully adjustable temperature up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Optimized heating element allows for better heat soak through both the tire and wheel.
      Race tested and proven.
    • Properly covers the entire surface of the tire allowing for proper heating, something that is only offered on warmers costing upwards of $700.